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Wood Mountain Regional Park

Fall 2016 Newsletter

 The 2016 season at the park was another great one full of lots of fun times and great memories.  We have you, the community to thank for your continued support of the park.  We cannot keep the park going year after year without your support.  Some special thanks go to Kyle and Kaylie Ellis who put in countless hours alongside Graham Chandler to get the boiler at the pool up and running this season.  It is because of their hard work that we were able to have the boiler working so well!  We also want to thank everyone who came out and helped us to shut down the park this fall.  This was an unexpected task and we really appreciate everyone chipping in and helping us set up the park for winter.  Thank you very much!

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting for 2017 is scheduled for Sunday, February 12th 2017 at 7:30pm.  It will be held the RM 43 office in Wood Mountain.  Everyone is invited to come and participate! 

Power Update

This past year we applied for and was awarded some grant money from the SRPA to help us upgrade the 14 power sites across from the cabins from 15amp to 30amp power.  We also held a very successful auction fundraiser in June to help us raise the remaining money for this project.  We are happy to report that we raised $17,000!!!  Thank you so much to everyone who worked to put this auction together and to everyone who donated.  Due to scheduling conflicts we have had to delay this project until the spring of 2017.  However we hope to have everything completed before Rodeo!  
Seeking a Treasurer for Wood Mountain Regional Park

This year is Lori’s last year as Treasurer for the Wood Mountain Park Board.  We are very sorry to see her go but we hope that she is able to enjoy more time with her family during the busy summer months.  Lori was an invaluable part of the park board.  She performed many of the essential tasks such as payroll, scheduling, bill paying, etc. that keeps our park running smoothly each year.  We are looking to find somebody who would like to step up and fill this role going forward.  If you are somebody who might be interested in filling this board position starting in 2017 please contact us.  You can contact Lori for more details on this position or feel free to talk with any of the board members.  We look forward to having you on the board!! 
Pool Update

This past season was one of our most successful ever at the pool with over 275 children registered for swimming lessons.  The end of year pool party was a lot of fun and very well attended!  We want to thank the pool staff for all of their hard work.  We look forward to seeing all the kids back for lessons next year!  Lesson dates for the 2017 season will be posted on our website and in the spring newsletter so watch for details.  Registration will start on May 1st 2017.  
SRPA Grant Update

Each year the park board is allowed to apply for funding from the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association (SRPA).  This past year we have completed several projects including:

* Buying a new zero-turn lawn mower

* Upgrading the concession booth with new lighting and roll up windows

* Building 14 new picnic tables

* Installing new toilets and other plumbing upgrades around the park

If you have any ideas for other projects that you would like to see completed around the park please contact us with your ideas.  

Are you thinking about working for the park next summer??? Do you know of anybody who might be interested in working at the park??  We’re hiring!!

Positions include: Park Manager, maintenance staff, concession workers, lifeguards and pool staff.

To apply for a position please send a cover letter and resume to Board of Directors, Wood Mountain Regional Park, Box 14, Wood Mountain, SK S0H 4L0 or email at woodmountainrp@gmail.com.

Manager Position

The park board is seeking new park managers for the 2017 season.  This position is a 1.5 time position for two adults to share duties.  This will allow for more flexibility in scheduling and would be ideal for a couple or for two people who work well together.  If you know of any interested people who want to help make our park a fun and great place to visit have them contact the park board for more details on these positions.

2017 Park Board Members
Name & Position Held

Jill Jenkins                  Chairperson

Marcia Clermont      Vice-Chairperson

Lori McLean              Treasurer

Allison Squires          Secretary

Jackie Wolfe               BK Booth

Sarah Kirby                Playground

Tasha Pituley             Swim Program

Cresenthia Bender   General Member

Lois Todd                   Rodeo Ranch Museum

Pete McClintock               R.M. #43

If you have any questions or comments about the park please feel free to contact one of the members, send us an email at woodmountainrp@gmail.com or check out our website at www.woodmountainpark.ca!